Introducing Japanese Illustrator Vol.2 “Kurumitsu”

Hey guys, it’s Ryusei. Today, I’d like to introduce you Kurumitsu (@krkrkr32), whose a fan of Idol M@ster and illustrates them and the point that I would like you to check out is the coloring and the touch to the drawings. This brings out the cuteness of the character which …

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Movie “Is the order a rabbit?? ~Dear My Sister~”

| We finally went to see it!! Hey guys this is Gino (@Berria_g) and I’d like to share my joy today. This was the kind of movie we were waiting for a long time…..since the anime was great we knew that the film will also come out well and the results …

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Site Updates

We are Back on Track!!!

| We are Back!!! Ahh, how good it is to be back here. After having several problems on our previous website, we have decided to create a new website again. We are terribly sorry for the fans who have read our articles and kept in touch with us from the …

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